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Fast. Guaranteed. Hand-delivered. That's a telegram.

Order your telegram online and it will be delivered to its destination on paper. All you need is a street address for delivery. The recipient does not need a computer to receive your message because your telegram is delivered right to their door.

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Welcome to iTelegram

Since 1844, telegrams are the fast way to send hand-delivered important messages to just about any address on the planet. iTelegram operates the former Western Union telex/cablegram network, Mailgram service, and Deskmail/Infomaster services.

  • We guarantee telegram delivery
  • We're the only telegram service accredited by the BBB
  • Reliable, secure on-line ordering since 2003
  • Worldwide payment in dollars, pounds or euros

Family emergencies

Need to make urgent contact with someone? Send a telegram. It's a sure way to guarantee your message gets right to their door.


Can't make it to the wedding? A telegram is there when you can't be. And it makes a keepsake that the couple will cherish.

Sympathy & funerals

In times of sorrow, a telegram is a kind way to express your sympathy. We even have a few suggested ideas for what to say.

Contract cancellation

Looking for an easy, fast way to cancel a contract? Send it by telegram and you'll be able to sleep better knowing it's done.

It‘s nice to see some things survive the instant digitization of our world, and it still seems classy.

National Review, July 2013

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