Telegram delivery in Canada

Pricing & delivery information

Choose which service is best for you, low-cost Mailgram or speedy First-Class Priority Telegram with our 100% delivery guarantee.

$18.95 includes up to 100 words
$ £ €

A real telegram delivered by the postal service usually within 3 to 5 business days. An exceptional value for sending telegrams at our lowest price.

First Class Telegram
$28.95 + 0.88 per word
$ £ €

Send a telegram to Canada. Delivery: Usually within 24 hours to major cities Monday-Friday. Telegrams to hotels / hospitals / funeral homes can be delivered on weekends. Rural and post office boxes may take longer.

Safe telegram delivery during COVID-19: Many areas have implemented social distancing due to COVID-19. Telegram administrations in some areas have suspending signature requirements to reduce person-to-person contact. In addition, some delays beyond our control may occur, especially to residential addresses.

Options available with a First Class Telegram:

  • FREE PhoneGram included! (Phoned any day you request)
  • Signature required upon delivery (for business addresses only)
  • Proof of delivery, with detailed delivery information

B2B pricing shown. VAT or GST will be added for customers in EU/UK/Canada.